Bullet Points:
1、Lubrication strips help protect your skin from redness and swelling.
2、Advanced skin care products help stretch the skin and prepare for the hair.
3、Each razor blade has been carefully designed to last 15 times.
4、Press a replacement button on the back of the handle to automatically pop the cutter head, which is easy and convenient to operate.
5、The design of the double-layer blade can spread the pressure on the two-layer blade and enjoy less pressure during the shaving process.

1. Lubrication strips help protect your skin from redness and swelling.
2. Advanced skin care products help stretch the skin and prepare for the hair.
3. Each razor blade has been carefully designed to last 15 times.
4. Press a replacement button on the back of the handle to automatically pop the cutter head, which is easy and convenient to operate.
5. The design of the double-layer blade can spread the pressure on the two-layer blade and enjoy less pressure during the shaving process.

Product category: manual razor
Shaver blade: double razor blade
Material: steel
Washing method: body wash
Cutter head: rotating cutter head
Specifications : 1holder +36 shaver head+1 box +1 cream (set)
Product volume : Approx.15.0 cm * 15.0 cm * 3.5 cm
Product weight: Approx190g

Product List:
Shaver head*36

Shaving cream*1

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